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How to Choose the perfect Universal Remote Control

If you are like me your coffee table is doing it’s best imitation of a thrift store from 2000. Way too many UR’s thrown through out your living room. You’ve been spending too much time juggling your various devices and now you’re ready for a solution. Time for a universal remote!

This guide will help the first time buyer know what to look for. If you already know what you are doing take a look at our great deals from Sony, Philips, Logitech, and more.

Before picking out a universal remote there are numerous ideas you must take into account. First you must know how many different household devices you will need to control. Why? Well you want to do away with all those extra controls.  Most satellite television programmers supply their own device. They are often called universal remotes, but these devices usually only control the satellite, cable, and television. Now you are still left with too many controls. The remote control you want to purchase should operate all of your devices including a movie player, stereo system, and all other devices you have in your home entertainment system.

Now that you know how many devices your new universal remote will need to handle you must ensure that your new device is compatible with your current entertainment system components.

If you upgrade your entertainment system frequently you will want to purchase a UR that can have it’s software updated as needed. Don’t worry, the description of the UR will note if it offers updates.

I personally believe that a UR with a back light is an absolute must! When the lights are turned down and you need to grab your UR you will be glad you sprung for a back lit device. There are few things more frustrating than trying to adjust the volume on your movie, in the dark, without this handy feature. Need I say more?

Another awesome feature to get with your new universal remote is a “learning function”. These smart UR’s are able to “learn” your entertainment tendencies and adjust to function in a way that mimics your preferences. This is an amazing feature that you will love!

There are many options out there but keep these main points in mind when purchasing your next UR.

  1. How many devices do I have?
  2. Software Updates
  3. Back Lit
  4. Learning Function

Sony, Philips, Logitech, and Prestigo offer many great controls that will serve you well.